The Yummiest nut milk I’ve ever had….

I have been milk free (dairy free) for about 12 months now and have dablled with differnt types of milks for quite a while. I started out using soy as it so delicoius and creamy…well not anymore, after researching soy I soon realised  that drinking soy was probably not a great idea. If you are still using soy I truly believe you should have a little look on the internet…..very scary,  unless its of the fermented kind. I then tried almomd milk, oat milk, coconut milk from many different sources..expensive ones to cheap ones. The problem with alot of pre-made nut milks is that they are sitting on shelves in shops, the companies that make the milk have to  add lots of extras in the milk so it can sit there unrefrigerated. They have many additives, not just the nuts and water but suagrs, fillers, emulsifiers, thickners, one post I was reading yesterday said that there were 13 other ingredients in the nut milk, other than nuts and water!



A lovely friend gave me this recipe and thought that I was making just another nut milk but this is the creamiest most delicous nut milk I have  ever ever tried and after doing some research on the internet today I know know why this milk is the BEST

I used activated nuts!

Do you know what activated nuts are?…well Im glad you asked….

Raw nuts have contain phytic acid which  our digestive system can find hard to break down which can lead to many upset tummies. Also nuts contain enzyme inhibitors so by soaking the nuts in water we can release the enzyme inhibitors ( you can add a teaspoon of celtic sea salt to the water for soaking if you wish) Once the enzymes have been released you can now say that the nut has been “activated” and  the nut is awakened, the nuts will be swollen and some may even split. So doing this sort of prepares the nuts for sprouting. After the nuts have been soaked overnight and rinsed in fresh water you can now dehydrate them. By dehydrating the nuts at a low temperature your will also be removing more of the phytic acid making all of the nutrients in the nuts assimilate better in our body. I had my nuts soaking during the day and then had them in the dehydrator over night ( use a Kuvings dehydrator, please email me if you would like a quote) check with your brand of dehydrator on how long your nuts will need. I did 1kg of both the almonds and 1kg of the pepitas and have them in an airtight jar ready for the next batch of milk. By the way I am going through the milk will be very soon….




3/4 cup of soaked and dehydrated  organic pepitas

1/4 cup soaked and dehydrated organic almonds

2-4 cups filtered water depending on how creamy you wish the milk to be.

2 dates seed removed

pinch celtic sea salt

Place all of the ingredients in your high speed blender for a couple of minutes and then strain the milk through a nut bag. My brand of blender is a  Froothie it is  the best blender I have ever purchased , I use my blender everyday in the kitchen, if you would like a quote on a Froothie , please let me know and I can get you the latest price.

Squeeze the milk out of the bag so that you can get as much moisture out of the bag leaving behind the nut meal. You can feed the meal to the chooks or compost. Even more exciting is to put it in the oven to dry out or dehydrate and use it in baking of cakes, biscuits, bread, pancakes etc. If you aren’t ready to use the meal just pop it in the freezer.

Place the nut milk in the fridge and then spend time thinking on ideas on how to use it up as its just so yummy…smoothies, tea, coffee, chai latte just to name a few..

Love to hear your feedback on this fabulous nut milk and let me know what your favourite nut milk is.


Angela xx