About Me



Thank you so much for dropping by and looking at my blog. Now for a little about me……

I live on small acreage on the Far South Coast of NSW, Australia. I am a bit of an animal lover and nature nut have had or cared more most creatures with feathers,fur, two-legged and four. Currently we only have two cats, ducks, chickens and alpacas. Apart from all that i am very much a foodie and get really excited by finding a creating new things.

My health journey began many years ago and my life has been changed by having gone through two lots of back surgery. The majority of my life has been about main stream pharmaceuticals, doctors and specialists. Approximately five years ago a company called doTERRA came into my life and as they say in the movies…the rest is history. I am now passionate about this company and the way it can help change people’s lives, we have fabulous organic products from probiotic supplements, toothpaste with no fluoride or sugar, skin care and of course wonderful essential oils. If you haven’t had a look at my website here is the link  www.mydoterra.com/giftofourearth

In a past life I was chef at the Regent Hotel in Sydney but due to ill-health my career was taken away and I truly feel because of my ill-health I am now on a very wonderful journey of health and well-being. I currently have a few gut issues due to the constant use of medication for more than half of my life, but I am loving the adventure that I am on to help heal myself and learn along the way. Fermenting foods are playing a huge role in my life at the moment and we are currently working on manufacturing a health drink to share with everyone very soon.

I am creating recipes that are refined sugar-free, gluten-free and playing with vegetarian and vegan recipes. Most of the food shared on this blog will be is using CPTG essential oils,  these oils are better than organic and in its purest form, 50 to 70 time more potent than a dried herb and of course far more tasty.

I will try to keep you informed with new and exciting recipes and introduce you to chefs, foodies and people who are interested in fun things and looking after our beautiful planet.

Thank you so much.

Angela XX