Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra

old bus depot markets in Canberra


It is with great delight that I can  now share with you that Gift of Our Earth is now up and trading at the Old Bus Depot markets in Canberra. The markets are on every weekend trading hours are 10 –4pm on Sundays.

The link for their website is here http://obdm.com.au/

you can follow them on Facebook and see what markets they are running, they have a lot of differnt styles of events including fashion, International days, Collectable Sundays, Retro and of course beautiful food events.


old bus depot markets in Canberra

old bus depot markets in Canberra

old bus depot markets in Canberra

Gift of Our Earth are here to answer all of your gut health issues and help you support your digestive issues with our products.  If you are not sure which flavour you prefer then I will always offer you a nice cold and refreshing sample first. Each markets is diferent and i will be adding different flavours depending on what fruits are in season. This week we had plain Kombucha ( always a favourite), raspberry water kefir and I had fun experimenting with organic strawberries and peaches….yummmmooooo.

Thank you Canberra for all of your support, it has just been amazing. Look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone next weekend.


Angela XX

Potato Fritters


It is funny how food appears in your life from time to time. I can honestly say that I have never made these potato fritters before….Like everything it life things always come from a need and for some reason we ended up with 10 kilos of potatoes all at once..don’t ask me how. So the need was to use them up and not be wasteful. I wouldn’t say that we are big potato users at all so to try and shift this large amount was going to have come up with some creative thinking.


We have free range chickens and ducks, you can ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am a bit of a softy when it comes to my animals. We have had show breeds of chooks and duck for about 10 years now. Including frizzles, Pekins, Silkies, Columbian Wyandottes and Indian Runner ducks.Our girls and boys are treated with utmost respect and love, lots of  scraps and treats. These two little eggs came from our frizzle,she is a cuckoo..grey and white coloured feathers.


Peel your potatoes and leave them sitting in a bowl of water, until you have  everything ready.Once you have grated your potatoes you need to move fairly quickly as the potatoes will start to go brown. You can add the grated potatoes to a bowl of water when you have grated them and them you will need to squeeze the grated potato in a paper towel or cloth to remove excess water. I didn’t do this i just worked quickly, even having the oil melting whilst I was stirring up the mix. I have used maize flour in this recipe, I had bought it from an Indian grocer but I am sure you could use any gluten free flour…try some others and let me know.

You will also notice I have used my black pepper essential oil in this recipe the beauty of using the oil in food is that it disperses through the food and you will get a fabulous aroma and health benefit of using an oil verses using ground pepper. Black pepper oil is high in antioxidants, aids digestion, supports health circulation and is great to breath it aromatically if you are feeling anxious. If you would like to see the type of oils I am using here is my website www.mydoterra.com/giftofourearth


The oil that I chose for frying the fritters is ghee, I have stopped using olive oil for cooking and now only use organic coconut oil. You could use coconut oil for this recipe but it has a strong flavour and  I wanted to try ghee as I wanted the little fritters to go crispy. Ghee is golden in colour and has a nutty flavour, it is rich in vitamins A , D and K2. It is also rich in conjugated linoleic acid which has many health benefits for healing our minds and our bodies. I have severed the fritters with some lovely green olives and a nice dollop of lemon/garlic cashew cream. I will do a post about cashew cream as it has so many uses, both sweet and savoury. Once you have made it you will be looking for an excuse to use it on everything.



3  Potatoes (peeled and washed )

2 small fresh eggs ( mine was from our little bantam frizzle) or one large chook egg

2 tablespoons of maize flour

1/2 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt

One drop of black pepper essential oil

1-2 tablespoons of ghee


Wash and peel the potatoes, soak them in some cold water. Grate the dried potatoes and then place them into a bowl. Heat up the ghee in a frypan so that is nice and hot for  your fritters. Add the eggs, flour,salt and one drop of black pepper oil. Stir until combined and add spoonful’s of the mixture to the oil and fry until golden. Place on paper towels and then stack them on a plate and serve with the lemon/garlic cream, a few olives, another sprinkle of sea salt and hide them from the rest of the family.

These make a great afternoon snack or addition to a main meal, you may find yourself adding more potatoes to your shopping list now !

Angela xx

Raw Chocolate and Caramel Mousse


Everyone is talking about how fabulous coconut cream, well I have to agree. Use a tin of organic full fat cream, not the skinny type or the coconut milk, there are many health benefits from eating the  full fat variety,  there are similar benefits to that of coconut oil, lots of fatty acids which help your body fight off viruses and may also help kill bad bacteria. So a great boost for the immune system.


I love using coconut cream in many of my recipes, its usually adding to something like a curry, soup, smoothie, dessert..the list goes on any excuse really. I have found that there aren’t many ideas for coconut cream to stand alone, recipes just using the cream. I was making a vegetable curry last week and opened a tin that had been in my cupboard for a while and when I opened it the cream had solidified and was sitting on the top and had separated form the water underneath. As I scooped  out the solid cream  it reminded of  light little pillows of goodness, a fluffy mousse like substance and then it happened….my brain leapt into over drive…a recipe was created.


I have only recently found and started using Lucuma powder, a powder derived from a fruit. Some of the benefits from this fruit is that it is high in beta- carotene, iron rich, great source of vitamin B3 and has anti- inflammatory benefits. Apart from all of that wonderful nutritional stuff, it has a sweet maple syrup like flavour with under tones of toffee or butterscotch. Lucuma is also fabulous in your smoothies.



1 can organic full cream coconut cream ( left in the fridge overnight )

1 tablespoon raw Maca powder

2 tablespoons Lucuma powder

pinch of Celtic sea salt

sweetener of your choice..dash of maple syrup or stevia



Take the can out of the fridge and scrap the thick coconut cream from the top of the tin and place it in a bowl. Use the rest of the coconut water in a smoothie later, or just pour   it into a glass and sip on it whilst making your delicious dessert. Whisk the cream until light and fluffy and fold in the powders and salt. I didn’t put any sweetener in mine but I tested it on my son and he preferred it with a dash of maple syrup. I dived into my freezer and found a handful of raspberries and scatted them on top of the mousse. If you love entertaining you can make these hours before, place a small amount into a vintage sherry glass and pop them back into the fridge until that special someone comes over for dinner….or lunch….or breakfast.



Angela x

Did I mention I love making Soap?


I have only just recently started playing with soap making and really wish I had discovered this years ago, so if you are reading this and thinking wow…I have always wanted to make soap then please, have a look at a few Youtube videos or purchase a beginners book to Soap making and start. You will love it and once you learn about the ingredients that are in mainstream soap you will never go back.

i have played with making Cold Pressed Soap (CP) which is the process of mixing an oil such as an olive, coconut, vegetable oils etc and sodium hydroxide (the lye). When I first read this I was a little scared but there really is no need, there are couple of steps when making the lye (safety) and then it is really easy to do.



I was so excited about learning about CP soaps that I thought…… I know what…… everyone is getting Soap  for Christmas !. It was then i realised that CP soaps have to cure for 6-8 weeks…it was now mid November, so guess what no one received them as gifts. I still was so excited that I made two batches and gave them away but said you wont be able to use them!

Then I found Melt and Pour….this is a super easy soap to make. Melt and Pour is a glycerine based soap, its sort of a cheats way of making soap, perfect for children and adults that love to be a little creative. We have been having fun using the clear and some moulds the we picked up from the second hand shop. You can add dried flowers,beautiful essential oils or fragrances,  clays and spa minerals…I have just ordered some but haven’t tried mine yet, can’t wait !

Then of course there is Hot Processed soaps (HP), I haven’t tried that technique yet…it does look a little more scary but I will tackle that one soon as I love a challenge.

I think I will add some of my favourite recipes for these techniques in another post, it is really easy and I am sure if you try it you will never go back to store bought soaps again.


Angela x

A New Year…and new beginnings


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Just wanted to say a big HELLO and introduce myself,my name is Angela and i am so excited to finally start blogging. I have so many ideas and talents that I am sure you will be drawn into my crafty, foodie, arty, juicy, animal, natural world……I think that’s all the bases covered.

I live on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, on small acreage with 9 alpacas, soon to be 11 and a heap of ducks and chickens. We also have a large amount of fruit trees and nut trees and many many garden beds which easily filled up with weeds.

Many years ago we planted all the fruit trees because I loved jamming and pickling and living off our produce. Such a wonderful feeling of sitting down to a meal that has come from your own garden even if it is a bowl of lettuce leaves and a couple of tomatoes.


I have recently started my Instagram account, @giftofourearth I would love you to have a look  and if you have an account I would really like to read your too. Many years ago…well it feels like a life time ago, I was a chef at a 5 star hotel in Sydney. So now I am having fun playing with food and really excited about experimenting and discovering new recipes with Essential Oils. My focus will be on creating  vegetarian ,vegan,raw and healthy recipes.


Hope you will come on this exciting and new adventure with me….

Angela x